Climbing route Muotathal

Climbing route Muotathal
With the help of more than 200 steps and stirrups, more than 400 metres of steel rope and a 5-metre-high ladder, you master the imposing rock face, which is about 100 metres high.

At the east entrance, it's steep from the start on a beautiful rocky ledge. The easy terrain (K1-K2) leads to the key section. Here beginners have the opportunity to leave the rock path again easily and safely.

After conquering the 20-metre-high vertical rock face, the route continues to the ladder. Once on Buny's Querbändli, we enjoy the great view westwards to the village of Muotathal and Hochflue. Continue along the steel cable over the ramp to the campsite and over another steep step from the chimney to the Wabennest. Now you walk at a dizzy height with the help of further iron stirrups towards the Chänzeli. At the top, sign the wall book and enjoy the view. The descent is eastwards on a hiking trail through the forest towards the Husky Lodge.


Location and Contact

Balm 40
6436 Muotathal
041 831 81 50