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Extension of the certificate requirement

Dear guests, please note that as of Monday, 13 September 2021, a valid Covid certificate and an official ID are required for consumption in restaurant (indoor), museums and other leisure establishments. A Covid certificate is required from the age of 16. A self-conducted rapid test without a certificate is not sufficient.  A certificate is also required for offers. Thank you for your understanding.

Hölloch 2-day bivouac expedition

Hölloch 2-day bivouac expedition
Hölloch 2-day bivouac expedition
Hölloch 2-day bivouac expedition
Hölloch 2-day bivouac expedition
Hölloch expeditions with overnight stays and fondue fun are something special. Going to the Hölloch for more than one day means saying goodbye to everyday life and diving into a mysterious world.
The impressions you gather on a multi-day tour and the effect on the human senses are much more intense than on shorter expeditions. The enormous dimensions inside the mountain – the Hölloch is one of the largest caves in the world – fascinate every visitor. We also have plenty of time to explore unique details such as the “Hölloch worm” Octolasium transpadanum or a “cave shrimp” Niphargus. We stay in rock formations that are 120 million years old and wander through corridors formed by the power of water over 600,000 years. The “Dombiwak” forms our welcome island in this secluded underground world. During construction, great importance was attached to a comfortable infrastructure that is in harmony with the cave world. You will surely be pleasantly surprised by the kitchen with running drinking water and the comfortable seats inviting you to rest. The sleeping places are optimally insulated and specially built toilets correspond to proven “bivouac technology”. During the fondue, you will have the opportunity to exchange impressions and get to know each other better. Before falling asleep, in the moment of silence, in absolute darkness, thousands of metres deep in the mountain, you become aware once again that you are in a completely different world. The next morning you are awakened by the flickering and playful flickering of the carbide lamps. A hearty breakfast awakens the desire for further voyages of discovery in the hellhole.

Included: Entrance to Hölloch, guided tour by qualified cave guide, helmets, headlamps, rubber boots, cave gloves, via ferrata safety device, dinner and breakfast in the cave, parking fee for the rest. Hölloch, VAT.

Arrival: By car: Parking at the rest. Use Hölloch, Stalden 15, 6436 Muotathal. By public transport: By train to Schwyz, then by bus no. 1 to the stop “Hölloch, Muotathal”.

Bring along: Warm socks, thermal underwear, possibly a turtleneck sweater and a pair of leggings. Please wear warm clothes, e.g. jeans, pullover, faux fur jacket; alternatively you can rent a cave suit for CHF 30.00 on site. Additional: Robust backpack (min. 40-50l), two lunches and drink, snacks. For bivouac: wool cap, jacket, headlamp, sleeping bag (suitable for -5°C), spare underwear, warm spare socks.

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Saturday, 13. November 2021 - Sunday, 14. November 2021
Further dates
Saturday, 27. November 2021 - Sunday, 28. November 2021
Hölloch Muotathal
Stalden 12
6436 Muotathal
CHF 455.00 for adults CHF 275.00 for children aged 16-19 CHF 195.00 for pupils aged 10-15
Peter Draganits
Trekking Team AG
Lützelaustrasse 48
6353 Weggis
+41 41 390 40 40
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Hölloch Muotathal
Stalden 12
6436 Muotathal