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Museum pass of Schwyz

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Forum Schweizer Geschichte Schwyz

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Ital Reding-Haus Schwyz

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Bundesbriefmuseum Schwyz


Discover the history and culture of original Switzerland with the Museum pass of Schwyz. It opens the doors to the treasures of the three historic Schwyz museums and provides the historical background to the creation of the Swiss Confederation. The Museum pass of Schwyz entitles you to a one-off admission to the three museums in Schwyz.

Forum Schweizer Geschichte Schwyz

The Forum of Swiss History is a cultural and historical venue with interactive exhibitions and exciting events. With the new permanent exhibition "Emergence of Switzerland. On the road from the 12th to the 14th century", the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz shows the conditions under which the old Confederation came into being in the Middle Ages. In the temporary exhibition, in the basement of the museum, current topics are taken up and presented in a contemporary manner.

Ital Reding-Haus Schwyz

A look behind the walls of the Ital Reding Hofstatt is worthwhile. The house is one of the most impressive assemblies in the Old Country of Schwyz. With its sumptuous rooms, rich interior decoration and baroque garden, it conveys the splendour of a 17th century manor house and thus shows the building and living culture of the time. The manor house, House Bethlehem and the economics building (today the Cantonal Library) are located within the enclosure wall.


The most famous document of Switzerland can be seen in the Museum of the Swiss Charters of the Confederation in Schwyz: the Swiss Federal Charter of 1291 between Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden. Probably the most famous historical document in Switzerland today, which was long considered the founding charter of the Swiss Confederation. Here you will not only be informed about this extraordinary document, but also about the history of the Old Confederation and its myths.



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Included services

  • One-time admission to the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz, the Museum of the Swiss Federal Charter and the Ital Reding-Hofstatt
  • 1 hot drink at the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz or the Museum of the Swiss Charters
  • 1 Schoggitaler in the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz or in the Museum of the Swiss Charters
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